Programs & Initiatives

Currently ABO offers six different programs, we will be adding more programs in the future.

Six strategic pillars support our mission:

  • International Youth Leadership Academy (IYLA)
    The International Youth Leadership Academy (IYLA), an initiative of ABO provides career counseling, mentorship, high school, and college exchange programs to the young men and women that participate in our various camps and programs.
  • ABO Basketball Skills Camp
    The ABO basketball skills camps provides an avenue for kids to learn sound basketball fundamentals
  • ABO Coaches’ Clinics
    The ABO coaches clinics provide the continuous coaches education (CCE) that local coaches need to enhance their technical coaching skills
  • ABO Basketball Equipment Donations
    The ABO basketball equipment donation project, provides basketball equipment to African communities, local programs, and high schools
  • ABO Computer and Vocation Training
    The ABO computer program provides basic computer skills training to the kids, local coaches, and administrators
  • African Medical Aid (AMA)
    AMA is the medical initiative of ABO that provides medical aids in the form of medical equipment, medical supplies, and health education to the different communities where ABO basketball programs are organized